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[2020-06-30]   Data Scientist Biometrics (m/f/d)

In the Imaging unit, we are developing unique algorithms that, in combination with light projectors and CMOS-based camera systems, enable the simultaneous acquisition of depth information and material properties in imaging form. The fusion of image data, depth information and material parameters with a camera system enables the next generation of machine vision.

You will develop secure biometric unlock systems to be applied in the areas of smartphone security, mobile payment, boarder control and building access.
Furthermore, you will push research on trinamiX´s beam profile based biometric tools.
For this purpose, you will design and validate image, depth and material data sets, which are collected with our beam profile analysis based camera system.
In addition, you evaluate these data sets with regard to modeling for object identification, object orientation in space and image segmentation.

University degree in applied mathematics, statistics, chemometrics, data science or related fields, preferably with a PhD or comparable professional experience in the field of data science
Experience in image processing and computer vision, supplemented by knowledge of the basic tools in this field such as OpenCV
In-depth experience in rapid prototyping with Python and basic knowledge of C++.
Profound knowledge and experience with deep learning approaches (TensorFlow etc.) and solid background in feature-based machine learning and statistics
Knowledge of biometrics such as face or voice recognition is beneficial

An attractive competitive salary that is based on the company's success and your individual performance.
Flexible work arrangements so that you can balance your working life and private life. ABOUT US

trinamiX GmbH was established in 2015 with its headquarters in Ludwigshafen and is a wholly owned subsidiary of BASF SE. As a start-up, we are operationally independent and can, at the same time, rely on the competence and experience of the BASF Group. What drives us? Our technologies are designed to make it possible for humans and machines to capture and understand the world - for better decision-making and more security. That is our goal in the areas of 3D sensor technology, distance measurement and infrared sensor technology. We are not looking for successors or replacements for our team. We are looking for pioneers!
Learn more about trinamiX GmbH at

Do you have questions regarding the application process or position? Mr. Fidan Bllacaku (Talent Acquisition), Tel.: +49 (0)30 2005 59400

Cooperation with recruitment agencies is not accepted.

Please note that we do not return paper applications including folders. Please submit copies only and no original documents.

At BASF, the chemis

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